the earth’s surface…how much water and how much land?

my son Nandith drew this chart using the free Linux Gimp image editor (thank you Ubuntu), to show how much of the earth’s surface is covered by water, and of what kind, and how much of the earth is covered by land

Nandith's land-water-water-ice chart

plenty of sea water; virtually unlimited supply of drinking water if we could affordably (very *very* affordably) convert it to drinking water. very very useful, since a considerable portion of the earth’s human population lives by the sea.

fair amount of fresh water which, let us say, includes lakes large through small, rivers mighty through rivulets and streams down to mere trickles, ponds natural and man (or beaver) made, canals, puddles, and every other form of water imaginable. but…  all of this fresh water is not potable. some of it is quite poisonous to fauna (humans included)!


About Vishwa Narayan

who can live without water? drinking water for all is my goal, through Theertham, a not-for-profit organization i founded and registered in Texas. you can reach me at
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