a practical solar water purifier *must* earn its laurels

any solar water purifier worth its salt must:

i) consistently sate thirst

ii) be very very affordable – let’s say it costs no more than 100 USD to the end user

iii) must purify salt water and all kinds of dirty water

iv) on a sunny day, must produce 10-20 litres (~2-4 gallons) of drinking water per day

v) must be totally, completely solar powered, not requiring wall or battery power sources

vi) must be portable, weighing no more than 50 pounds

vii) must work year round in all climates and latitudes

viii) must be very rugged and designed for a minimum of 50 years of trouble free usage

ix) must be  very simple to set up and easy to use by people of all ages, from all cultures

now *that* is a useful solar water purifier…


About Vishwa Narayan

who can live without water? drinking water for all is my goal, through Theertham, a not-for-profit organization i founded and registered in Texas. you can reach me at drvishwanarayan@yahoo.com
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