are you for real?


i’ll elaborate later, but before that, let’s talk some more about this gizmo…let’s give it a name…i’ll call it the ‘quencher’ henceforth

for the quencher to become real, it must be:

– easy to make using simple manufacturing, not fancy and expensive manufacturing

– made entirely out of cheap and abundant materials like common metals and rugged plastics

we will, with vehemence, avoid all materials and manufacturing techniques that are ‘hi-tech’ (and inevitably expensive) as we design the quencher, especially those that have the word ‘nano’ associated with them;)

jokes apart, we don’t have a choice in avoiding all things ‘hi-tech’, if we are to meet the target of at least 50 years of trouble free operation

most if not all of today’s batteries computers ICs motors – steppers or otherwise, control boards limit switches etc etc – will not operate for 50 maintenance free years

the quencher will not suffer from using these short lived and unreliable devices…

there are many elegant mechanical solutions from which we will pick and choose, altering them as needed, to realize the quencher; designs that are time proven reliable rugged long lasting reasonably priced relatively easy to make

equally importantly, there are many curious bright interested minds belonging to caring and compassionate souls, who are eager to create a beast as momentous as the quencher


About Vishwa Narayan

who can live without water? drinking water for all is my goal, through Theertham, a not-for-profit organization i founded and registered in Texas. you can reach me at
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