let’s set a practical realistic challenging optimistic target

at least 100 million units in service, scattered across all continents, within 10 years

gentle reminder for the pessimistic: a famous and wise man said ‘we always overestimate what we can do in a limited period of time’ ( 3 6 months, a year) ‘and we always underestimate what we can do over larger periods of time’ (several years, decades)

the avalanche effect, once it kicks in, obliterates obstacles that seemed overwhelming initially

how long did it take for cell phones to proliferate globally from near-infancy in the mid 90s?


About Vishwa Narayan

who can live without water? drinking water for all is my goal, through Theertham, a not-for-profit organization i founded and registered in Texas. you can reach me at drvishwanarayan@yahoo.com
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