what makes water dangerous to drink?

many many things

salt water if of course, not potable (leaving extreme cases such as ship wrecked people, who may drink anything in desperate thirst)

fresh water can have all kinds of bad things in it. here are some:

i) a variety of pathogens, including bacteria and viruses – in many poor countries, the communal source, many times a stagnant lake pond or tank, is often the only source of water. it is used as drinking water, to bathe and perform one’s morning obligations, wash clothes, wash cattle, wash what-ever else needs washing. the water source turns into a pathogen exchange haven between people (and animals)

ii) hydrocarbons, in one form or the other – pesticides, motor oil, gasoline, kerosene, and a lot of other substances. almost all of them are usually man made. these pervasive materials invariably find their way into local, sometimes small, and many times stagnant, water sources

iii) other chemical pollutants, again, usually man made, many of them lethal. these include run offs from  a variety of polluting industries, including pharma, plastics, etc etc

iv) naturally occurring poisons, particularly metals. ground water in some parts of NE India contain high levels of arsenic for example. lead is another poison that could be lethal over the long term, if ingested day in and day out, even if the quantities  ingested daily are small

the list can go on…

as the quencher converts water to steam, the thesis is that most if not all pollutants are left behind by this phase change, and pure steam when cooled and condensed back to water, is very very safe to drink


About Vishwa Narayan

who can live without water? drinking water for all is my goal, through Theertham, a not-for-profit organization i founded and registered in Texas. you can reach me at drvishwanarayan@yahoo.com
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