the sun

great ball of fire

from studying how much energy the sun expels at different colors, we find that the sun’s energy spectrum is similar to that of a blackbody (an artificial construct – a really really dark object that reflects no light what-so-ever) with a surface temperature over 5000 degrees C


sun's energy over wavelengths 250 nanometers to 2.5 microns


the hotter an object the more energy it expels in the shorter and more powerful wavelengths – the blues the violets and the invisible UV. which is why truly hot flames radiate blueness as a gesture indicative of their fierce potency

notice that most of the radiated energy lies in the visible (300 – 700 nm) and near infrared (700 nm – 2.5 microns) bands, with a little in the UV (250 – 300 nm). this ignores gamma rays and such like esoteric energetics. the sun’s expelled energy peaks in the visible band and it is no coincidence that our visual acuity peaks at the very same wavelengths


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