Japan reeling

My heart goes out to the folks in Japan.

Salt water and fresh water all mixed up, making previously useful water sources not potable.

Wish I had my water purifier manufactured.

It could certainly come in handy now, to a lot of people in Japan.

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Some good news

to recap, there are three key subsystems making up the heart of the quencher.

1 of 3 = selective absorber: there are many sources in India that make selective absorbers. I found one in  Bangalore that can work with Aluminium (and not just copper = expensive), using a ‘black chrome’ coating with a guaranteed 30 year operational lifetime

2 of 3 = custom heat pipe: there is a vendor in Pune, Maharashtra, that supplies heat pipes into the solar thermal water heating market, who can also make custom heat pipes.

3 of 3 = evaporator-condenser: We need to get started on a detailed design on this part of the system.

Any volunteers?;) Perhaps a mechanical engineer who has worked with HVAC systems, or automotive radiators, or pressure vessels?

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how much potable water does a family of 5 require per day?

in talking to the folks at http://www.arghyam.org, 2 litres per person for drinking purposes, and 7.5 to 10 litres per day for cooking purposes, totaling to about 20 litres per day

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Business plan

here is the 9 page  theertham_business_plan

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So who are you anyways?

I go by the name of Vishwa Narayan.


Vishwa Narayan earned his B.E.(Hons) from REC Trichy, India. He then spent 2 years at L&T’s switchgear division before moving to the US to earn his Masters and Ph.D. In EE, specializing in Optical Devices, Materials and Systems.

Vishwa then took up a job in the Telecoms industry with Ericsson Micro-electronics as Manager and spent 5 years there in technical customer facing roles.

Vishwa turned to working at start-ups since then; as senior manager at Avanex Corp – a Photonics start-up, as Director Engineering at Intelleflex – an RFID start-up, and as Co-founder and VP of Engineering at Pulsar Energy Inc., – a renewable energy start-up…

before founding Theertham August 2010.

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phrases I’d like to associate with Theertham

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for those who don’t want to read a long winded blog – a succint view of Theertham

these 19 slides provide a succint view of Theertham’s angle into clean water


and this brief document is a high level product requirement specification for the quencher


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